The CHISTAU VALLEY, a great unknown in the Sobrarbe region

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The CHISTAU VALLEY, a great unknown in the Sobrarbe region

Today we want to tell you about another part of the Sobrarbe region that we hope you will come to visit.

Do you know it? It is the Chistau Valley.

The valley is located along the Cinqueta River, the main tributary of the Cinca River. It is made up of several localities: Gistaín, Plan, San Juan de Plan, Saravillo, Sin, Serveto and Señes (now abandoned) and its inhabitants are mainly engaged in livestock farming and tourism.

The valley’s isolation has allowed it to preserve its own language and particular traditions, as we are informed on the valley’s website.

Its environment allows both family activities and enjoy the high mountain for the most experienced.

Located in the heart of the Posets Maladeta Natural Park, the valley is surrounded by high peaks such as the Cotiella and Posets massifs, which are 3375 m high. is the second highest peak in the Pyrenees after Aneto.

As you can imagine, the views from any of its locations are spectacular. 🙂 🙂

Now we are going to stop in the main villages of the valley:

  • Gistaín

It is the highest village in the valley. From its 1378 m. we can contemplate an incredible landscape for its beauty. Are you imagining it ……. right?

You can visit the wood craft workshop, where you will see carving figures in boxwood and buy some if you feel like it. The truth is that they are beautiful.

The CHISTAU VALLEY, a great unknown in the Sobrarbe region

From Gistaín we can make several mountain routes, among the best known is the natural area of Viados, from where in turn, we can follow the ascent to the Posets, Ojo! Only if you are experienced mountaineers.

A good meal at Petris house will give you strength to continue your route.

We can also descend more easily to the next village by trail or road.

  • San Juan de Plan.

Don’t miss the Ethnographic Museum, which houses a large collection of utensils from the traditional life of the valley.

The CHISTAU VALLEY, a great unknown in the Sobrarbe region

From San Juan we can go up to the Sen, a high mountain lake, or for more relaxed hikers, a walk to the Puen Pecadors, with an interesting legend behind it.

It highlights its traditional festival of La Falleta, recently considered Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

If you want to recharge your batteries, we suggest you to taste the dishes of the Casa Anita restaurant.

  • Plan

Do you remember the Plan caravan? More than 30 years ago, several Plan singles were inspired by the movie “Caravan of Women” to bring to the valley single women willing to find a partner among the men of the valley.

The initiative was a great success, attracting dozens of journalists and, of course, many women who found a new way of life in the valley. Many couples emerged and gave life to these small villages with the birth of several children.

What to do in Plan?

You can stroll through its streets, visit the Romanesque church of San Esteban or the 16th century defensive tower of the Moliné house.

The CHISTAU VALLEY, a great unknown in the Sobrarbe region

And after a good walk… nothing better than a good meal at Casa Ruché or at the restaurant Bistró La Capilleta.

  • Saravillo.

Here we have one of the best known brands of Sobrarbe, Saravillo cheese.

You can buy cheese and visit the cheese factory, where, above all, the children will enjoy watching how the sheep are milked and try their hand at it, if they wish.

From Saravillo the best known route is the Ibón de Plan, suitable for all ages, as it can be accessed by vehicle for most of the way.

The CHISTAU VALLEY, a great unknown in the Sobrarbe region

What …. would you like to know in depth Sobrarbe?

We are waiting for you!