Flora, fauna and products unique in the world

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Flora, fauna and products unique in the world

Discover a unique Sobrarbe

The Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Barrier Reef in Australia, Mount Fuji in Japan or Machu Pichu in Peru. There are some monuments and places that can only be seen in some parts of the world, but sometimes you don’t need to take a plane to see unique things. Here we explain what you can see only in the Aragonese Pyrenees.

Flora, fauna and products unique in the world


The ponytail is perhaps one of the best-known places in the world for the Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park This impressive 54-meter waterfall is located at an altitude of 1,800 meters and to be able to observe how the water falls from the heights is something overwhelming. In addition, it is an excursion that can be done with the whole family since, with good footwear, everyone can access it.

Bear ear

The bear’s ear is a flower native to this area so it will be the only place where you can see it. You can recognize it by its purple color. To find it, you will have to look in shady areas with high humidity. As a curiosity, this flower has more years of history than the glaciers of the Pyrenees.

Pyrenean frog

This small amphibian of between 33 and 51 millimeters is endemic to the Pyrenees and the most surprising thing about it is that it was discovered in 1993 since, until then, it was believed to be a vermilion frog. After studying it, it was found that, for example, its hind legs are longer. Because it only lives in certain areas of the Pyrenees, it is in danger of disappearing due to climate change. Its colors range from cinnamon to olive gray.


And to finish our tour of the unique things in the Aragonese Pyrenees, what better than sitting at the table to taste the chiretas, a product of the province of Huesca, very typical in the region of Sobrarbe and that, beware, hooked. Chireta is lamb tripe stuffed with rice, heart, lung and meat from the lamb itself, seasoned with garlic, parsley and spices. They can be eaten simply boiled or in batter.

Flora, fauna and products unique in the world

So now you know, if you want to know places, animals and unique foods, arrange a trip to the Aragonese Pyrenees. We will be happy to show it to you.