Pyrenean Houses

Discover Casas Pirineo, your rural houses in Huesca, in Ordesa, in Ainsa; much more than just rural houses!

Pyrenean Houses

Rehabilitation in stone and wood

Casas Rurales Pirineo is the rehabilitation in stone and wood of an old strong house of Huesca; thanks to this work of recovery today is a door to the past and can proudly show its tourism customers the rural way of life. Our rural houses have gone from being almost in ruins due to the rural exodus to become a complex of rural tourism care, quality and charm.

Staying in our rural houses and rural tourism apartments is to rest, to enjoy nature, peace, to go on vacation; but it is also to go into the history of our villages, in a recent past that unfortunately we are forgetting so quickly.

Route through the Pyrenees

Coming to Ordesa for tourism, discovering the mountains of Huesca, making a route through the Pyrenees is a luxury and so is coming to our cottages and get lost in its corridors, let your imagination fly by the well, roast meat in the old bread oven … Casas Rurales Pirineo is a place where you can share every moment: A barbecue, a walk, an afternoon of games … in our common areas you will find the relaxation and tranquility that is so much missed in the daily routine and that is so present in Ordesa, in the province of Huesca and throughout the Pyrenees.

  • Pyrenean Houses
  • Pyrenean Houses

Much more than rural houses

And… why do we say that Casas Rurales Pirineo is much more than just rural houses? Let us tell you a story. The story of a small fortress, of a swamp, of a small village …. a story of feelings.

Once upon a time there was a picturesque village with stone houses among majestic mountains. At the foot of this small town a magical swamp, in its waters tears of sorrow, we are talking about Gerbe, a fabulous village.

Gerbe was until the 60’s an active village, dedicated to agriculture and livestock as its streets narrate, but the construction of the reservoir boosted in Gerbe the rural exodus of the time and emigration resulted in many of the houses were abandoned and these, without people to care for them, without children running through their corridors, were gradually aging.

In this sweet village, a palatial house built in the sixteenth century stood out above the rest, unfortunately, like most of the houses, it was abandoned. The passing of the years did not spare her, leaving her with serious wounds and almost in ruins; but she still kept her pride intact, fighting without letting herself die.

This struggle captivated a family, who understood the message that the house sent and at the same time summarized their lives, “the family and the happiness of their loved ones, the value of the little things, the struggle and love for these mountains”, so they decided to rehabilitate this castle, fortress, palace, fairytale house, trying to transmit in this way the message that they had so impressed to the world.

And so, after many years of effort, Casas Rurales Pirineo opens, with the intention of giving life to Huesca and that every visitor who enters this fortress can recall the past and immerse themselves in that world of fantasy.

Come to Casas Rurales Pirineo and let its well, its oven, its streets talk to you, for sure they have something to tell you!

A palatial house built in the 16th century stood out from the rest.

Pyrenean Houses

Frequently Asked Questions

On the shore of the lake?
What is now a reservoir was once the farmland of one of the richest palaces and now houses our cottages. With the construction of the Mediano reservoir, these lands were flooded and the owners were forced to abandon them. What today is a beautiful photo, has a hard story behind it.
Why the stone?
Country stone. It is a beautiful and resistant stone. It insulated from the heat in summer and from the cold in winter, maintaining a good temperature inside the house. It came from quarries in the area and is the one that was, and is, used in construction in the Pyrenees.
What remains of the old palace?
Everything! A meticulous restoration work was carried out and it was possible to maintain the structure completely intact, so that when you stay in our cottages you can travel back in time just by closing your eyes.
Am I going to sleep in a palace?
Yes. Casas Pirineo is an old palatial house of the XVI century. As such it had everything necessary in it, as a small village. It had its own oven for baking bread, its well for water, its cellars for wine and oil and of course its rooms for the princesses of the time ?.

Our homes

  • Ordesa Rural Apartment

    Ordesa Rural Apartment

    Pyrenean Houses 2 people Pyrenean Houses 50 m2

    The rural houses in Ordesa favor the establishment of families in the Ordesa Valley taking rural tourism as a way of life. This Ordesa rural apartment, located on the second floor of the main rural house, Casas Rurales Pirineo, has been restored in stone and wood, respecting the original elements and materials, and decorated in cheerful colors that try to evoke the spring in the valley of Ordesa.

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  • Rural Apartment La Solana

    Rural Apartment La Solana

    Pyrenean Houses 2 people Pyrenean Houses 56 m2

    The rural apartment for 2 in Huesca La Solana, located on the second floor of the main rural house, consists of an independent kitchen, a double bedroom with king size bed ideal for couples. The careful minimalist decoration of this rural apartment designed for two people, the soft light that filters through its insinuating curtains and its breathtaking views make it a jewel of romanticism. With Casas Rurales Pirineo you will enjoy rural tourism as a couple in the best way.

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  • Añisclo Rural Apartment

    Añisclo Rural Apartment

    Pyrenean Houses 4 people Pyrenean Houses 76 m2

    The rural apartment in Ordesa Añisclo is decorated taking care of the smallest detail in order to make your rural tourism stay in the Pyrenees of Huesca unforgettable. Located on the second floor of the main rural house of Casas Rurales Pirineo is a rural apartment that lives up to its name because Añisclo, one of the sectors of the P.N. of Ordesa, is a rural apartment with strength and positive energy.

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  • Pineta Rural Apartment

    Pineta Rural Apartment

    Pyrenean Houses 4 people Pyrenean Houses 70 m2

    Casas Rurales Pirineo is the best choice if you decide to visit Ainsa. The town of Ainsa is a medieval jewel declared a National Monument and located in the heart of the Sobrarbe region. The rural apartmentIt consists of a spacious kitchen, an extraordinary living room with views to the Peña Montañesa with Ainsa at his feet and sofa-bed, a double room with bed of 150cm, another double room with two beds of 105cm, a complete bathroom and a toilet; all the rooms are separated and have their own windows giving a lot of light to the apartment.

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  • Rural Apartment Muro de Bellos

    Rural Apartment Muro de Bellos

    Pyrenean Houses 4 people Pyrenean Houses 76 m2

    If you are looking for a rural house in Huesca, this rural apartment has 4 balconies open to Ordesa and is located on the second floor of the main rural house of Casas Rurales Pirineo. The combination of stone and wood together with the light that enters through the windows make this apartment warm and cozy, which provides the perfect climate to spend hours in good company.

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  • Sobrepuerto Rural Apartment

    Sobrepuerto Rural Apartment

    Pyrenean Houses 4 people Pyrenean Houses 72 m2

    Going to a rural house in the Aragonese Pyrenees is a great idea. In Casas Rurales Pirineo we offer this rural apartment with a cheerful and fun decoration that perfectly combines the stone, so characteristic of the Pyrenean architecture, with bright colors that will make your stay in Aragon an unforgettable stay.

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  • Peña Montañesa Rural Apartment

    Peña Montañesa Rural Apartment

    Pyrenean Houses 4 people Pyrenean Houses 98 m2

    A rural house with jacuzzi is always a good choice to relax after a long day of rural tourism in Ordesa, Huesca. In this rural apartment the wood is the main protagonist because the rural house has an attic in a spectacular way. It is a luxury apartment which crowns its high quality finishes with a jacuzzi that will delight its tenants.

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  • Monte Perdido Rural Apartment

    Monte Perdido Rural Apartment

    Pyrenean Houses 6 people Pyrenean Houses 70 m2

    Rural Houses in Aragonese Pyreneesthe rural apartment Monte Perdido, located on the third floor of the rural house in Aragón ideal for groups of friends/couples or families with children who wish to spend their vacations in the aragonese pyrenees as it consists of 3 independent rooms with beds of 150cm in two of them and 135cm in the third.

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  • El Palomar Rural House

    El Palomar Rural House

    Pyrenean Houses 4 people Pyrenean Houses 84 m2

    In our rural house in Ordesa you can enjoy the luxury and relaxation of rural tourism. After a long day of sightseeing in Ordesa, sitting on the private terrace of your cottage contemplating the calm waters of the reservoir in front and the Pyrenees of Huesca to your right is a real pleasure.

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  • Rural House El Portal

    Rural House El Portal

    Pyrenean Houses 4 people Pyrenean Houses 66 m2

    This rural house in Ordesa has been renovated on two levels, respecting the structure and the arch of the original house, resulting in a bright living room. The cottage in Ordesa consists on the first floor of a spacious and bright living room with kitchenette, with direct access to the common areas of the rural tourism complex, high quality finishes and a toilet.

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  • Rural House El Horno

    Rural House El Horno

    Pyrenean Houses 4 people Pyrenean Houses 80 m2

    The Rural House in Ordesa has been rehabilitated as an open duplex with private porch. The duplex that forms this rural house, wide at the same time that cozy, consists in its first floor of a living room-kitchen with direct balconies to the porch and a double room with bed of 180cm and one of the two bathrooms. On the upper floor of the cottage there is an attic double room in wood with 2 beds of 90cm and the other bathroom.

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  • Rural house El Pajar

    Rural house El Pajar

    Pyrenean Houses 4 people Pyrenean Houses 60 m2

    This rural house in Huesca has been restored on two floors respecting the original structure of the old palace-house as well as the stonework. The cottage has direct access to the fantastic common areas of the rural tourism complex where you will enjoy the private garden, games, barbecue and other accessories that will make your stay in the Pyrenees of Huesca with Casas Rurales Pirineo unforgettable.

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