Muro de Bellos: an uninhabited village with the best views of the Pyrenees

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Muro de Bellos: an uninhabited village with the best views of the Pyrenees

Stones in abandoned houses tell stories of times past

Today we would like to invite you to get to know a magical place, for the moment through our blog and later we hope and wish that you will also get to know it in person. It is Muro de Bellos, an uninhabited village from which it is possible to contemplate unique panoramic views.

The houses, located on top of a hill, are built around the square. It looks like a defensive fortress, not only for its architecture but also for its strategic location, located at the confluence of the rivers Bellos and Cinca.

Muro de Bellos: an uninhabited village with the best views of the Pyrenees

From this privileged position the views are impressive.

Muro de Bellos: an uninhabited village with the best views of the Pyrenees

Today we are telling you small brushstrokes of everything you will find if you decide to visit it. We encourage you to do so. In fact, we like it so much that one of our rural apartments is named after it.

How to get to Muro de Bellos

So, how can you get to Muro de Bellos? It is simple and one of the routes that we recommend the most to our clients when they arrive at our lodgings. Because we like you to discover the area from all possible points of view.

You can do it from Escalona on foot or by bicycle, since there are two recently repaired roads where it is possible to make a very appealing circular excursion. Thus, to go up or down there is the option of using the track (if you prefer to go by car) or the two paths that we mentioned before, to travel this route on foot or by bike.

Uninhabited villages have that special something that makes the silence perhaps even purer. You will be able to see its houses, almost all of them in ruins. We can also see the remains of the parish church Santa Maria and the school.

In Muro de Bellos there were eight houses. Its inhabitants were dedicated to growing barley, oats and wheat, in addition to other products. Sheep and goats were part of the livestock.

The last inhabited house was Casa Miguel, which had tenants until 2002.

Despite the characteristic deterioration of an empty place where you can breathe the sadness of having to say goodbye to a town once full of life, it is still possible to enjoy the vestiges of what once was. Its stones tell stories and we invite you to discover them.

A film environment

And it is precisely a story that has been told in this exceptional environment. Samu Fuentes’ latest film was shot in the Pineta Valley, Boltaña and also in Muro de Bellos.

Bajo la piel del lobo, starring Mario Casas and Irene Escolar, premiered last Friday, March 9. It narrates the exploits of the lonely inhabitant of Auzal (Muro de Bellos in reality, a lost and abandoned village also in fiction) who lives isolated in the mountains.

A woman breaks into his quiet routine and will make him experience sensations unknown to him that will lead him to reflect on whether to leave his wildest life behind or continue to listen to his more human heart.

A team of about 50 people were in the area for a month last winter. In this video you can see some images of the shooting.

Both the director and the actors agreed in highlighting the beauty of this place. And we also assure you that it will not leave you indifferent. Mario Casas already said it:

There is no need to go to Argentina to record. Huesca has those mountains where it seems that, suddenly, you are in Canada, and where it is wonderful to shoot.

Rolling. Walking. Rest or live. We couldn’t agree more.