Basic tips for visiting Ordesa as a family

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Basic tips for visiting Ordesa as a family

Backpacks ready? We are going to enjoy Ordesa with the whole family.

The National Park of Ordesa and Monte Perdido is one of the jewels of our region. When you come to visit us you will discover one of the most beautiful environments in Spain; you will fall in love with its landscape, its mountains and its flora and fauna. And what better gift than getting to know Ordesa with the family? There are excursions for all ages that can be done perfectly with children.

For example, there is a circular excursion that lasts about two and a half hours in which you can enjoy the waterfalls of the Estrecho, Arripas and the Cueva.

From the parking lot of the Pineta refuge there is also a perfect excursion to do with the little ones of the house and get to know the valley; and from Añisclo and Escuaín there are also simple routes to admire all the flora and fauna of this natural environment.

A very suitable walk to do with children in Ordesa is the adapted path that leaves from the meadow. It is 1.2 km long, crosses the Arazas River and continues upwards to the Cotatuero cirque.

The excursion to the Cola de Caballo is incredible although perhaps not suitable for very young children.

Ordesa with children: recommendations for exploring and enjoying the valley

It goes without saying that, with or without children, we should always go to the mountains well equipped. With appropriate footwear to be able to walk smoothly on the trails and, if possible, non-slip to avoid scares and slips.

It is also important to pack a raincoat in your backpack in case you get caught in the rain. Do not lack water and food and all the desire to contemplate with curiosity and amazement the landscape that will unfold before you.

Basic tips for visiting Ordesa as a family

Always follow the established trails for each route, without taking shortcuts. It is important that before setting out you have checked the route, consulted the weather and asked any questions you may have. Although these are simple routes, we don’t want any unforeseen events to arise, do we?

Essential rules in Ordesa Park

It is essential that the older ones are able to transmit to the younger ones the importance of caring for and protecting nature. The rules of the Ordesa Park are mandatory for children and adults. We remind you of some of them so that we can all learn to respect what surrounds us.

– Keep your garbage in your backpack until you can dispose of it in a designated place.
– Do not take plants or flowers. The flora of Ordesa is magical and it is in everyone’s hands to take care of it as it deserves.
– Do not take minerals or rocks with you either.
– It is forbidden to make fire.
– Camping is not allowed either, except for bivouacs from 2,100 meters in Ordesa, 2,500 in Pineta and 1,800 in Añisclo and Añisclo and Escuaín.
– Dogs, always leashed and close to the owner.
– It is not possible to bathe in the lakes or rivers or to go canyoning.

Here you can read the complete regulations.

Pyrenean Family Cottages: children come first

Of course, from our cottages we will help you in every possible way to make your family vacations in Ordesa unforgettable. We will give you advice and recommendations on the best activities and excursions according to your preferences and also taking into account the time of the year.

In addition, within our private and fenced enclosure, children will play freely and safely, so you can enjoy that well-deserved rest. In our houses you will have at your disposal games, a playground, ping-pong, billiards… and the most important thing: an enclosure that will allow the imagination of the little ones to fly.

So… Are you all set? Backpacks stocked, clothes ready, route studied and, above all, eager to enjoy Ordesa with the whole family. I’m sure you and your children will have an extraordinary time.