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White Waters


It is a company of sports and adventure activities in nature adapted to the personal needs of each client.

For staying at CASAS PIRINEO, they give all customers a 10% discount.

“AGUAS BLANCAS” is a company of sports and adventure activities in nature adapted to the personal needs of each client.
We have guides with a high technical and human level (all guides are qualified), specialists in whitewater.
You can hire activities of :


Water is one of our favorite means of transportation, it allows us to move through nature through some of its most beautiful and unknown landscapes. Rafting, our most requested activity, allows anyone without previous experience to descend some of the most spectacular and moving rivers in the Pyrenees. You have two levels to choose from: in spring the Ara for the most demanding sports lovers, Esera to enjoy a first contact with this sport and family rafting where children from 8 years old can go down. Another way to go down the river is in inflatable canoes or “hot-dogs” where you are in charge of directing your boat. For those who are looking for a greater contact with the river, hydrospeed will allow them to go down clinging to the sled and submerged at all times in the waters of the river. The mixed trip combines canoeing through a beautiful environment with a small and fun canyon. The ravines are our other great recommendation: descend through the bowels of a river that has oradado a canyon that will require us at times to make use of ropes to overcome obstacles of indescribable beauty … Cheer up!


We have a lot of activities prepared for you not to get bored. Enjoy rock climbing in the middle of nature, walking through the hidden trails of the Pyrenees that we discover for you. Perhaps you find yourself in your element climbing the steep heights of a via ferrata, or why not, soaring over the Pyrenean landscape in a paragliding tandem. Perhaps you will have more fun descending into the depths of a dark cave or running like a cowboy across the Sobrarbe plain on horseback, or traversing the trails in your buggy, and why not go on a hunting trip through the thick woods with your bow and arrows so that you don’t miss a hidden target? You choose your adventure!


Winter is a perfect time to practice sports in nature: snowshoes will allow you to move effortlessly through beautiful snowy landscapes, cross-country skiing is the ideal activity to feel how you move easily through the snow. Ice climbing is a spectacular activity thanks to which you will ascend through beautiful places in a short time thanks to the specific material that we provide, and if you want to go further, dry-tooling allows you to climb on rock with the same ice axes as ice climbing. Finally, the mountaineering courses are the best tool to move in winter in the mountains, you can choose between different levels according to your technical skills. Don’t stay at home this winter.

We organize all kinds of sporting events: camps, raids, gymkhanas, American circuits, any multi-adventure anywhere.
Choose your adventure and we will prepare it for you!

For staying at CASAS PIRINEO, we give all our clients a 10% discount.


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