What to do in the Huesca Pyrenees? Our top 10, don’t miss them!

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What to do in the Huesca Pyrenees? Our top 10, don't miss them!

10 things you should not miss if you come to Ordesa. The must do of the Huesca Pyrenees.

As in any holiday destination, we are presented with thousands of options among which it is often difficult to choose what to do, here we make a selection of what you can not miss. We hope you find it helpful!

  1. Go to the medieval village of Ainsa and feel like a Muslim or Christian warrior running through its narrow streets.
  2. Walking and discovering the National Park of Ordesa and Monte Perdido... there are millions of routes, ask us.
  3. Get lost in our little village, Gerbe, and our resort and imagine how hard life used to be.
  4. Enjoy the local gastronomy in one of our recommended restaurants, difficult to find without indication!
  5. Take a bath in one of the thousands of pools you will find in the rivers of Sobrarbe.
  6. Lying on the grass looking at the mountains and letting your imagination run wild.
  7. Buy lamb meat, typical of the area, and prepare an authentic barbecue. Ask us where to buy the best meat!
  8. Practice adventure sports, rafting, canyoning, mountain biking…
  9. Discover some of the villages of the Pyrenees, relax, and watch the clock start to count down.
  10. And of course…meet the local people, they are the ones who will really make you discover the Pyrenees!

Because the Pyrenees are made to be enjoyed…..