The Morisma of Ainsa

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The Morisma of Ainsa

The weekend of August 29th to 31st, the main square of Ainsa will be the stage where LA MORISMA will be performed.

Every two years the representation of the Morisma takes place, which commemorates the battle between Moors and Christians in the seventh century during the reign of Garci Ximenez. It is a historical-popular drama that narrates the events that took place in the town of Ainsa in the time of King Garci Ximenez when, according to tradition, a lighted cross appeared on a holm oak tree, which encouraged the Christian troops to triumph over the Moors.

The novelty this year is that the performance will be at night starting at 22:30 hours.

Throughout the weekend there will be a medieval market and various events in the old town of Ainsa.

The actors are the neighbors of Ainsa and surroundings that for a day become luxury actors.