Series, short films and movies

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Series, short films and movies

Get to know the most cinematographic places in the Sobrarbe region.

Today we want to propose a very special route in which you will be able to know the sceneries where some blockbuster movies have been filmed, such as Palmeras en la nieve or Julieta, because the landscapes offered by the Aragonese Pyrenees have made more than one director fall in love with them. I’m sure it’s the same for you, so… Camera! Action! A 5-star cinema route begins.

Auteur cinema

Pedro Almodóvar fell in love with the Aragonese Pyrenees after spending a few days in Broto. It was there where he decided to shoot, in 2015, some of the scenes of his film Julieta, starring Emma Suárez and Adriana Ugarte. The place chosen was an old agricultural building in Yeba, a small village in the Vió valley. During the filming, the La Mancha director emphasized that the landscape of the area was, without a doubt, another fundamental protagonist of the film. If you want to know what made Almodóvar fall in love, we suggest a route through the small villages of Yeba, Buerba, Vió and Fanlo. In addition to enjoying the surrounding nature, you can learn about the traditional architecture of the Pyrenees. It is highly recommended to make a stop at the church of San Vicente Mártir de Vió.

The beauty of the Pyrenees is evident, it is more impressive than I expected.

Pedro Almod’ovar

Box office success

The crew of Palmeras en la nieve, a film based on the novel of the same name by writer Luz Gabás, chose the town of Espierba to recreate the village of Pasolobino. Mario Casas, Alain Hernández and Adriana Ugarte, among other actors, traveled to this corner of the Pyrenees to shoot several of the scenes that can be seen in the film, in which snow plays a key role. You can visit, for example, the cemetery of this town, where a sequence of the film was shot. On the way back, we recommend a stop in Bielsa, where you can stroll through its streets or take one of the hiking trails that start from this town.

A unique story

The uninhabited village of Muro de Bellós was the place chosen to shoot part of the movie Bajo la piel del lobo, also starring Mario Casas. If you come to this town, you will easily recognize the scenes of the film. In addition to filming in this town, several scenes take place in the Pineta Valley, within the Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park. You can take advantage of the visit to Muro de Bellós to see impressive views of the Cinca valley.

Here we found the high mountains, the snow and the abandoned village that we needed and that best suited the story.

Samu Fuentes, director of “Bajo la piel de lobo”.

Series, short films and movies

In addition, films and series have also been shot in nearby locations. Benasque, for example, hosted, for four months, the filming of the series Monteperdido and Graus became Villaviciosa de al lado by director Nacho G. Velilla, who, years before, filmed in places like Huesca or Ansó Que se mueran los feos. Even Ridley Scott chose the province of Huesca for filming. The Kingdom of Heaven, starring Orlando Bloom and focusing its main action in the monumental castle of Loarre, so if you come to visit us and suddenly feel like you’ve already been, maybe it’s because you saw it on the big screen…