Keys to find the best rural lodging

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Keys to find the best rural lodging

Comfort, location, tranquility

When we go on a trip, one of the decisions to be made is to look for a good accommodation. Today we want to give you some tips to find the ideal place to enjoy your vacations.


Perhaps this is the most important key and therefore, we start with it. There is nothing better than arriving at a rural tourism house and feeling like you’ve been there before. This happens when the accommodation you have chosen, besides having charm, has everything you need, from a knife to towels with which it is a pleasure to dry yourself. In Casas Pirineo we work every day to give you the wonderful feeling of being at home but miles away from it. If you don’t believe it, come and check it out.


The fact that you go to a rural tourism house does not always imply that it is in a quiet area. If you really want to rest and leave the noise, cars and hustle and bustle aside, make sure you choose a good place. Gerbe, where our houses are located, is an example. You will forget about light pollution, noise and you will be able to breathe fresh air.

Keys to find the best rural lodging

A trip is an ideal time to spend more time with your loved ones, either with family or friends, something that our current pace of life sometimes does not allow us to do. Therefore, when choosing accommodation, you should take into account your needs and those of your travel companions. In Casas Pirineo we offer you many options such as apartments for different numbers of people, common areas where you can meet with your friends or family or spacious houses to make living together more comfortable.


The main objective of traveling is to know new and surprising places and what better than the mountains, rivers and villages that the Sobrarbe region offers you. But in addition to all this, you can discover a unique gastronomy with typical products such as chiretas or longaniza, exceptional festivals such as La Morisma or the Carnival of Bielsa and unique places such as the Monastery of San Victorián.

Keys to find the best rural lodging

In order to enjoy your trip it is essential that your accommodation is well located and that from there you can visit all the places you have listed in your agenda. Casas Pirineo has an excellent location to visit places like Ainsa, the National Park of Ordesa and Monte Perdido or the charming villages of the Pyrenees.

Keys to find the best rural lodging

Thus, at Casas Pirineo we offer you everything you need to enjoy your rural getaway: comfort, tranquility, location, landscapes and adaptability, requirements that should never be missing in an accommodation.