Discover Casas Pirineo! We are your holiday cottages in Huesca, Ordesa and Ainsa! But we are much more than just cottages!

Casas Rurales Pirineo is the restoration with stone and wood of an old fortified house in Huesca. Nowadays it is a door to the past thanks to the renovation work and it can be a way to proudly show tourists the rural lifestyle. Our country cottages have passed from being almost in ruins, due to the rural depopulation, to being an impeccable and charming rural tourism complex.

The stay at our holiday apartments and cottages means relaxing, enjoying nature and peace, going on vacation and also going in depth into the history of our villages and into the recent past that we are unfortunately quickly forgetting.

Leisure and fun

Magical corners

Tourists come here to visit Ordesa, to discover the mountains of Huesca and to go hiking in the Pyrenees, which is a pleasure. It is a pleasure too to get to our cottages and wander through their halls, to let your imagination run wild at the well, to enjoy its magnificent summerhouse. Casas Rurales Pirineo is a place where you can share every moment: a barbecue, a walk, an afternoon of fun and games… At our communal areas you will find the peace and tranquillity that you miss so much in your daily routine and that are so present in Ordesa, in the province of Huesca and throughout the Pyrenees.

And… Why do we say that Casas Rurales Pirineo is much more than just holiday cottages? Let us tell you a story.

The story of a small fortress, a swamp, a small village … a history of feelings.

Once upon a time there was picturesque village with stone houses amongst majestic mountains. At the foot of the village there was a magical reservoir full of tears of sorrow. We are talking about Gerbe, a fairytale village.

Until the sixties, Gerbe was an active village dedicated to agriculture and livestock, as its streets tell us. However, the reservoir construction prompted the rural exodus and the emigration left many houses abandoned with no one to look after them, with no children running in the halls and gradually ageing.

In this nice village there was a predominant palace cottage built in the 16th century but it shared the same fate as the rest and was deserted. The years went by and the cottage suffered serious injuries, it was practically in ruins but still had its pride to fight without getting killed.

This struggle captivated a family who understood the message sent by the house, the message of their lives: “the family and the happiness of their loved ones, the value of little things, the fight and love for these mountains”. Therefore, they decided to restore the castle, fortress, palace and fairytale cottage, trying to convey this message, which had touched them deeply, to the world.

And that is why, after many years of effort, Casas Rurales Pirineo is opened with the aim of bringing Huesca to life and letting every visitor who enters this fortress to relive the past and go into that fantasy world

Come to Casas Pirineo and let the well, the oven and the streets talk to you. They must have something to tell you!